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Royal Future


This service is a result of a lot of information derived from volume traders in stock futures. In this service HniStock provides bigger targets for intraday stock futures trading and also telephonic support on position of the traders

In this service utmost care is taken in deciding on levels of calls execution and profit booking, as traders with volume should get proper time to enter and exit the trades. Also the scripts in which calls are provided are voluminous and are majorly momentum scripts.

Kindly review the service features to get in depth of value proposition of the Royal futures package.

Sample Calls:-

  • Buy DHFL Fut above 430 TGT 434 SL 427
  • Sell DHFL Fut below 430 TGT 426 SL 433.

Risk Type: High

Specialized Features:-

  • We provide you around 1-2 Royal Intraday Futures market calls.
  • Each call has just one target with proper stop loss.
  • Beneficial amount will be 4-5k per call per lot.
  • Compulsory to trade with 2 Lots.
  • We have achieved a high level of accuracy in this plan on consistent basis.
  • Important Global Market Updates.
  • Telephonic support from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
  • Provide support & resistance of stocks on daily basis through emails.
  • Weekly news letter in your inbox with update about market activities.
  • All our recommendations are generated in NSE.

Our Promise

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Monthly support

Rs 45,900

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Half yearly

Half yearly support

Rs 2,45,500

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Quarterly support

Rs 1,28,500

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Follow Ups:-

  • DHFL Fut Buy call did our TGT of 434, kindly book full profit in it.
  • DHFL Fut Sell call did our TGT of 426, kindly book full profit in it.


Security Market Investment Is Subject To Market Risk And Past Performance Is Not a Guarantee Of Future Performance.