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Overnight Cash Express


This service is exclusively designed for those traders who have a good investment & risk appetite. In this service, we provide 1-2 calls on the daily basis with overnight prospective to optimize more profit.

This service is designed for those who do not want to miss profit from next day’s market. Since this is our premium service we do not give FREE TRIAL for this service.

Sample Calls:-

  • Buy PCJEWELLER in NSE Cash above 332 TGT 337, 343 SL 427

Risk Type: Low Risk

Specialized Features:-

  • We give our clients 15-20 calls per month for overnight holding.
  • Each call has just 2 targets with accurate stop loss.
  • Adequate time to enter in our calls.
  • Calls providing time will be around 40-60 minutes before the market closing i.e., 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm.
  • When getting first TGT on same day book 60% profit to minimize overnight risk.
  • Deliver great benefits on the next day open market.
  • Well-timed and constant follow ups for all the calls.
  • Keep our clients updated with the latest and important market related news, trends and information.
  • Nifty & Bank Nifty overview with Resistances and Supports.
  • Domestic & World Market overview.
  • Providing support resistance level on daily basis.
  • Calls are provided through SMS & messenger.

Our Promise

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Monthly support

Rs 13,900

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Half yearly

Half yearly support

Rs 64,900

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Quarterly support

Rs 35,900

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Follow Ups:-

  • PCJEWELLER in NSE Cash Buy call did our first TGT of 337, kindly book 60% profit in it.
  • Kindly revise your SL at Cost for the remaining position in PCJEWELLER Buy Call.


Security Market Investment Is Subject To Market Risk And Past Performance Is Not a Guarantee Of Future Performance.