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Energy Premium Pack


In this service we provide 1-2 intraday calls in MCX Energy with a high level of accuracy. This package is for traders trading in energy segments of MCX. Where the calls are prepared by qualitative analysis or various technicalities as well data like International data, Inventory data etc, for preparing the most valuable tips in the market.

We provide maximum benefit to traders extracting major movement in energy commodities i.e. Crude Oil & Natural Gas. Check our product offering for exploring the opportunities in this segment.

Sample Calls:-

  • Buy CRUDE OIL Jun above 2910 TGT 2940 SL 2885

Risk Type: Moderate Risk

Specialized Features:-

  • We provide you around 1-2 intraday Calls in MCX (Energy).
  • Each call has just 1 target with accurate stop loss.
  • Compulsory to trade min 5 Lots.
  • In a month 10-15 calls.
  • Timely Follow Ups of all the calls.
  • There will be 2 Targets and one Stop Loss.
  • Buy above & Sale below strategy follows.
  • Important Market related News & Information.
  • All commodity Resistances and Supports level.
  • Domestic & World Market overview./li>
  • Calls are provided through SMS and yahoo messenger.
  • Direct contact of business analyst for better support attention at all time.

Our Promise

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Rs 25,500

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Half yearly

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Quarterly support

Rs 70,500

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Follow Ups:-

  • CRUDE OIL Jun Buy Call did our TGT of 2940, hope you have booked full profit in it.


Security Market Investment Is Subject To Market Risk And Past Performance Is Not a Guarantee Of Future Performance.