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About Us

About Us

HniStock is an emerging Global Business Conglomerate incorporated by the Proficient Stock Market veterans after huge success in many different models of technical analysis.

HniStock is well known for its vast experience in technical Analysis for many years now has succeeded exceptionally well in all fields of Long Term and Short term trading. We are a reputed Indian Trading Analysis Providing company. Our Strength lies in the expert human resource who understand the basics of trading very well. Thus we are able to provide the Best Analysis .





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To be the worlds best research house in terms of quality, profitability and client satisfaction.


We at HniStock believe in continuous improvement in our methods and practices.

We understand very well about the complexities a trader faces right from receiving the expert advice till the execution of the trade.

HniStock very well understand the importance of Speed, Accuracy and consistency at which message is to be passed to the trader in order to maximize the benefits.

HniStock is a professionally run company with a long term goal to provide maximum return on investment(ROI) on every investors money.

Our Experience of many years very well understand the factors that determine a major movements in all aspects of the market. Our Experts very well understand the impact of change in factors such as inflation, Bank Repo Rate, Reverse Repo Rate, GDP Rate, Global factors such is Inventory level in global Commodities Market , factors affecting Crude Price due to uncertainties in Arabian countries, Change that brings the movement in price which are sector specific and Thus we predict the market like no one else does.

We do understand very well that Consistency is always more important than history. We always keep our team ahead by providing sufficient and accurate knowledge so as to keep our investors well updated on the same and minimize the risk involved on their investments.

HniStock is now a leading STOCK analysis and COMMODITY analysis advisory company which provides experts recommendations for Stock Cash and Stock Futures traded in NSE. Our expertise also lies in trading in all form of Commodities which includes Agri, Bullion like GOLD Silver, Base metals like Copper Aluminum Zinc, Energy Products like Crude Oil Natural Gas. More so our spreaded network across the globe helps us in even minor movements in commodities price due to any global influence.

We Provide Share Market Recommendations through SMS and Strong and Committed Support team which helps the client in trading as well as understanding the market well.

We feel the most important factor which keeps us motivated and helps us grow is Our large Happy Customer base across the globe who always provide us with their valuable feedback regarding our excellent performance, accuracy, consistency, dedication, determination, knowledge, support, and Client relations.

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